Therapy made easy

No more waiting weeks to see a therapist ‘silencing your pain’ – get connected to a qualified professional immediately and let’s ‘Naqqe it out’.

Immediate video connection to qualified counsellors and therapist worldwide

Get connected and start talking to a therapist matched to your needs within 3 minutes. No more waiting, no more hours and days researching and no more silencing your pain.

Benefits we offer

No more waiting

When you’re experiencing a real problem, you need to speak to someone now otherwise your mental health can spiral.

No more waiting days if not weeks to see a professional. Get connected and start your session immediately.

Advanced linking technology

Finding the right professional based on what you’re experiencing is one of the biggest struggles.

Our advanced linking technology matches you with the right professional based on the expertise required from our global network of therapists.

Full privacy

With privacy being an imperative factor, we have enabled our technology with full privacy as a focus. No requirements for ID, blur your camera.

You control how much you reveal so you can be fully comfortable talking to your therapist.

Get connected and start
your session within
3 minutes...

We are the largest global on demand therapy and counselling platform, committed to helping millions of users have instant access to qualified counselling service 24/7. 

We want to make accessing mental health services as quick an easy as possible for everyone.

You’re not alone

We know life at times can get be incredibly testing… You are one click away from being connected to a professional who will help you in working through whatever scenario you’re in.