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Our advanced matching technology will identify and connect you INSTANTLY with a qualified professional ready to listen and help you ‘Naqqe it out,’ even in the middle of the night!

To make mental & self  care accessible to everyone. We’ve created a comprehensive network of professional therapists and counselors and coaches across the globe with various specialties and experience. When you trust your healing to Naqqe, you’ll be connected to the right expert in 3 minutes or less.

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John Luther


Naqqe is the best online therapy application available. I have had the opportunity to try a few other apps, but this one offers so many more features and support that outshines any of the others. As someone who has been in therapy for many years and experienced some setbacks during this time, I found Naqqe to be comforting and reliable. I cannot recommend it



I have been using Naqqe for a couple of months now and it has helped me a lot. I had been struggling with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain for a long time. But ever since I started using Naqqe, I have seen an incredible decrease in my symptoms. It’s the best therapy application on the market and I would recommend it to anyone with

Terri Linton

@Terri Linton

I’ve been a huge fan of Naqqe for the past few months. I had tried many other online therapy apps and none of them felt like the right fit for me, but after using Naqqe for just one time, it was clear that this app was special. It has an on-demand therapist–you can get connected with a qualified professional in any area



Having access to quality therapy services on demand has been a game changer for me. Naqqe is affordable, accessible, and reliable. I always feel comfortable talking about my problems with a trained therapist who offers insightful advice to help solve them.

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We know life at times can get be incredibly testing. You are one click away from being connected to a professional who will help you in working through whatever scenario you’re in.
Life can be stressful.
It doesn’t mean your search for a therapist has to be.

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