9 Signs you should speak to a Therapist


Mental health refers to the state of our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we feel, think and behave.

It may take some time for you to decide whether or not you’re ready for therapy. You might want to wait and see if time, lifestyle changes, or the support of friends and family can help you with whatever problem you’re having.

When something causes distress and interferes with some aspect of life, the American Psychological Association recommends considering treatment, especially if:

  • Thinking about or coping with the issue takes up at least an hour each day.
  • The problem makes you feel embarrassed or makes you want to isolate yourself from others.
  • Your quality of life has suffered as a result of the problem.
  • The problem has had a detrimental impact on education, job, or relationships.
  • You’ve made lifestyle modifications or created habits to deal with the problem.

If any of the following emotions or feelings are interfering with your life, counselling may be able to help you minimize their impact. It’s especially crucial to seek treatment if you feel enslaved by your symptoms or if they threaten your safety or the safety of others.

  1. Feeling overburdened

You may feel as though you have too much to do or too many problems to deal with. You may feel unable to sleep or even breathe. Stress and stress can wreak havoc on one’s physical health.

  1. Tiredness

This physical symptom frequently occurs as a result of or in conjunction with mental health concerns such as depression. Fatigue can make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning or force you to sleep longer than usual.

  1. Anger, hatred, or resentment that is out of proportion

At times, everyone feels enraged. Even an outburst of wrath isn’t always bad. When these sentiments don’t go away, are out of proportion to the circumstances, or cause you to take violent or potentially harmful actions, it’s a good idea to get help.

  1. Fear of heights

People who suffer from agoraphobia are afraid of being trapped or having panic episodes in public areas. Some people may find it difficult to leave their homes.

  1. Worrying or obtrusive thoughts

It’s natural to worry about things now and then, but when anxiety consumes a large portion of your day or creates physical problems, counseling can help you cope.

  1. Idleness

Losing interest in everyday activities, the world around you, or life in general might be a sign of sadness or anxiety. You may have also ceased finding pleasure in activities that used to bring you joy, a symptom of mental illness known as anhedonia.

  1. A sense of helplessness

Depression or similar mental health illness might make you lose hope or motivation, or make you feel as if you have no future. It’s normal to feel hopeless from time to time, especially after a terrible period. However, if it continues, it may lead to suicidal thoughts.

  1. Withdrawal from social situations

When people are able to spend at least some time alone, they often feel better. Introverts may require much more alone time than others. However, if you are distressed or fearful around others, counseling can help you understand and deal with these feelings.

  1. Suicidal ideation

You should seek help right away if you are having suicide thoughts. You should reach directly reach out to professional helper physically. You can also look into “Naqqe” for immediate help.

9 Signs you should speak to a Therapist

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